Thursday, January 7, 2010

The BIG News in 2009

Media relations — knowing how to craft a news hook and shape a client’s messages to create a strong editorial story — is one of the most important skill sets for public relations firms and individual PR practitioners.

But tunnel vision can sometimes be a challenge for public relations pros when it comes to crafting a strong pitch. That’s why I think that the infographic produced by GOOD magazine is worth a look.

Based on data provided by, the interactive chart offers media relations experts an enlightening look at the broad range of news stories that grabbed our attention last year. In 2009, the two biggest stories were the economic crisis and healthcare reform — no surprise there! — but the mammogram policy change appears to have gotten just as much coverage as the Tiger Woods scandal. reviews the news from 55 outlets every week, calculating what percent of the week’s print, television, radio, and internet reporting is devoted to each story.

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